Fireware XTM 11.9.4 Update 1
WatchGuard plans to release Update 1 for Fireware XTM 11.9.4 later this week on Thursday. This update will address some recently reported vulnerabilities in SSL software and other high priority bug fixes. There is no corresponding WSM update. The Release Notes published with the software will list all resolved issues.

Key Highlights:

  • OpenVPN components are updated to the latest version to address a memory leak vulnerability (CVE-2014-8104).
  • OpenSSL components are also updated to the latest version. Although WatchGuard appliances are not subject to attacks from the latest reported Poodle vulnerability over TLS (CVE-2014-8730), this update also addresses a memory leak vulnerability (CVE-2014-3513).
  • Feature key handling has been updated so that all features, including Dynamic Routing, Server Load Balancing, and Policy Based Routing, now work correctly on the new Firebox M400 and M500 appliances.

Does This Release Pertain to Me?

This release applies to all Firebox and XTM appliances, except XTM 21/21-W, 22/22-W, or 23/23-W appliances.

New Software Download Center!
Firebox and XTM appliance owners with active LiveSecurity can obtain this update without additional charge by downloading the applicable packages from the new and improved WatchGuard Software Download Center. Please read the Release Notes before you upgrade to understand what’s involved. Known Issues are now listed in the Knowledge Base when logged in at the WatchGuard website.

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